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About Crossfit of the Ozarks

The main reason for opening my training facility is because I've wanted my own gym and I LOVE CrossFit.  I wanted a place I could go to and get into my workouts without any distractions around me that I have at a typical ''mirrors and machines'' gym.  I wanted a place within reasonable distance to ride my bike.  I wanted to be away from city traffic, hopefully near the woods to run and play.  I am passionate about CrossFit because it has helped me to be the soldier/warrior I need to be. My loving wife supports me through all of this.  Through much prayer and discussion with family and friends, I've decided to pull the trigger.   That is where this whole thing roots from.  

Over the past 20 years of my service in the Army and other things I've done on this planet, I've been subjected to all sorts of environments, physical demands, emotional tests and other rigors.  I've learned a lot of things about toughening the mind and body.  I know what works and what doesn't.  Being ''functionally fit'' is what matters most when your life depends on it.  So, why not carry that over to the civilian world?  I've trained many soldiers and other people on physical training and other skills.  I love training people.  I get a high out of watching someone succeed after hard work and perseverance.  

My first CrossFit workout was in Jalalabad, Afghanistan in the spring of 2006.  I'd heard about it a couple years prior from a few buddies when I was in Iraq, but had not attempted any CrossFit training myself.  It seemed to fit well with the caveman atmosphere we had around us.  We cut open old volleyballs and filled them with sand, used the infinite amount of sandbags around us, steel poles and anything we could use for pull-ups.  It just all seemed to make sense.  For me and the guys I work with, it’s all about “functional fitness”.

We’re all about being able to run, dodge and jump.  Having served in the Army for over 20 years I’ve learned that balance, agility, speed, strength and endurance are critical to survival.  Whether you’re hiking through the mountains in Afghanistan, backpacking in the Ozarks or chasing bad guys on foot, basic functional fitness is what will keep your head above your shoulders.  I just don’t get it but, military folks are gluttons for punishment.  We like to push ourselves to our limits then shatter those limits.  Everything is a competition whether it’s against other people, nature or yourself.  For me, it’s a natural high to overcome a challenge placed at my feet.  Sure, having that “six pack” looks good, but can it perform? Can your mind perform when your body is confronted with adversity or immediate harm to you, a fellow citizen or a loved one?  Working out can and will make you stronger, faster and better physically, but do you have the intestinal fortitude and the courage to tighten your laces and go the distance?  It’s YOUR duty to be prepared.

That’s why CrossFit is perfect for the elite athlete or newcomer to the world of physical fitness.  It allows people to make a goal and achieve that goal creating an endless list of accomplishments.  Everyone, men and women, old, young and in between are welcome to train with us.  You may feel that CrossFit of the Ozarks is not the place for you.  However, at CFO we like to promote a family type environment, a brotherhood, because we believe in community.  We welcome ANYONE who volunteers to submit themselves to the rigors of this challenging training regimen in an honest effort to better themselves.

Christian and US Army veteran owned, we are a PTSD and gun friendly establishment.